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Receiving Notifications will soon to transferable like the files ownership

The introduction of the ability to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the Google Drive itself, revolutionized how we use to work. Consider a team working at two or three different locations in the world, earlier they had to go through various and complicated file and data sharing protocols, just to be able to share a simple work log with each other.

However, with Google drive, they can do all the sharing without any hassle or additional protocols.

There are certain advantageous given to the file editors as well. When we create a document or a spreadsheet or a presentation in the Google Drive, and share this file with other users, we receive an email notification every time a comment is added to the file, no matter if it was meant for the owner specifically or for someone else within the team.

This way, if we are listed as the Google Documents editor, we can easily keep tabs of the projects progress, or the data sharing between the team members.


This particular service is quite helpful, at least most of the times. There are situations, when they can create unforeseeable issues. For example, a file was created for a new project and was shared with a team, in this particular case, whoever is listed as the owner will receive all the notifications when any comments are added.

Then the owner wishes to move to a different role, it could be a contributor’s role or any other role. Though, being listed as the Google Docs Editor the original owner will still get all the notifications, even if the files ownership is transferred to someone else.

Thankfully, Google is now working to change this particular setting by introducing the transfer of notifications along with the ownerships.

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Though, due to some technical challenges the proposed launch has been delayed, and as per Google they are working to make this happen.

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