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Quick side panel to improve your work efficiency

With the launch of new Gmail interface by Google, mailing has become more secure and efficient. Now google warn users with alerts for suspicious messages and also updated the phishing protection.

Google has also launched the side panel in the new gmail to make the working more efficient. With this side panel user can embed add-ons and use them on the same page, user don’t have to open another tab for the applications. Google has embedded three below services by default and user can also add any new third party add-ons on the panel.

  • Google calendar
  • Google Task
  • Google Keep

With this quick side panel, users are saving their time to open new tabs for the services and third party apps.

After seeing the success of the side panel in the new Gmail interface, google is now launching the side panels in the other google service.

Now you can see the side panels in Google docs, slides sheets and drawings which will consist 3 default google services.

While in Google calendar, You can see two google services listed in the side panel Google Keep and Google Tasks.

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