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QueueTube – the extension which lets you search while watching

YouTube is a medium through which you can view and upload videos online. You can watch videos on almost anything on YouTube, including education videos. Ordinarily, while viewing a video on YouTube if you intend to search for another you will have to open a separate tab or window to search for it. This means you have to pause the video that you are watching if you want to search for another video. But Google Chrome introduced an extension called QueueTube for YouTube to overcome these issues. 

How to enable and use YouTube QueueTube for YouTube


  1. Go to Chrome Web Store and search for QueueTube for YouTube extension
  2. Enable the QueueTube for YouTube extension. You will get a small icon beside the address bar showing ON. You can turn it off using the toggle button present in the address bar.

Now open a random video from YouTube and try to search for another video in the search bar. When the extension is ON you will be able to search and view the videos in the same window.

queuetube-searchIf you search for another video while watching one, the current search results will be replaced with the new search result. In case if you want to do the regular search (the current video will be stopped, and the new list will be displayed), instead of hitting enter, hit Ctrl + Enter.

Additional features

You will have an option to even add videos to the queue (Playlist) by clicking on “Add to Queue” button given below each search result. Until you add one video from the new search list, the videos from the previous search list will be played (If the Autoplay is enabled). By clicking on the “Add Queue” button, the particular video will be added to your temporary playlist.

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