Admin Roles

Pre-built admin role

For managing the users and services provided to users , you can give any user the admin access. User can access admin console and perform task as per the admin roles. There are two types of roles you can assign to any user.

Pre-built admin role

User created admin role

Here we will see how to assign pre-built admin role to user


Hello Guys, Welcome back to my tutorials in Google apps. In this tutorial we will learn how we can create admin roles in Google apps. You see a console here which is admin roles. So basically admins are needed in a organisation so that people should not face any problem and would be getting constant support when they face any problem relating to all Google app and services. So when you go to the console. You can see some system defined roles or pre built roles and there is a section for user created roles. So system roles are basically provided by Google apps. These are the 5 types of system roles which are there in system super-admin, groups admin, user management admin, help-desk admin, and services admin. Suppose you need to create a custom admin role for someone then you can go to user created role and create it. I will tell you how to do that in my next tutorial. In this tutorials we will talk about system roles. So you can see first one is super-admin, so super admin is one who has all the privileges on Google apps like every function or every thing can be done by super-admin, you see when we go to privileges section i have everything ticked here and its grad out and i am not able to change it, because its a system defined.

You see every section of Google apps is ticked because its a super-admin. you can defined an admin by assign admin here. so i type the name of someone who is here so this is a user i assign him as super admin.When i confirmed assignment. you see Admin successful added to the role:super Admin. So this user now become a super Admin, similarly if we check groups admin. under the privileges section. It has some minimal privileges for organisational unit. Only read section in users unit and for groups it has full privileges but other than this it doesn’t have has any privileges. So Google apps has made it like you can defines admins according to your requirements but sometimes according to your organisational structure you may need user created role as i told before. Now if we go to user management admin, you can see it has full privileges for user section and some minimal privileges as required for other sections. Similarly they have assign privileges for help desk admin and services admin. So you can go through the privileges and assign and unassign the admins here.

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If you want to remove the admin. I will remove the admin from here, when i will un-assign admin so a pop-up comes up, ‘Are you sure you want to unassign the selected admin(s) from the role?’ so i click on OK. So admins successfully removed from role: Super Admin. You should be very careful while assigning someone as the super admin role because he will retain every privilege to Google apps. He would be able to modulate every setting and every user profile settings. So you can do it according to your requirement. Also i will tell you you can get some more knowledge about it on, When you search admin roles Google appsso you can see this is the first link which comes Pre-built admin roles. When you go to link( you can find the description of all the system defined admin roles. So this will help you a lot to who can be given the privileges.

Thank you.

Descriptive Explanation:

As video is the best method to learn and understand anything but if still you are confused then please read the below steps with screenshot:

To give google apps admin role to any user you need to go to Admin roles from admin console.

Admin Console

There you can see the 5 Pre-built admin roles.

  1. Super Admin
  2. Groups Admin
  3. User management Admin
  4. HelpDesk Admin
  5. Services Admin

Pre built Admin Role

Click on admin role which you want to give to user then search the user in search box and click on assign role .

Assign pre built role

In this above pop-up window fill the user ID to whom you want to give the role and click on CONFIRM ASSIGNMENT. you will get notification that user has been successfully assigned.and user will appear in the window of that specific admin role. you can see the privileges for any admin role by clicking Privileges beside Admin button.

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Now user(google apps admin) can access the respective sections in admin console as per given privileges.



For Un -assign admin first open the respective admin role user’s list and then select the user and click on UNASSIGN ADMINS

Unassign adminsAfter clicking you will get a pop-up alert  for OK

Pop Up alert

You will get notification “user has been successfully removed from role “.

I hope you learned how to make user a google apps admin with pre-defined  admin roles. We will see assigning the user created roles in the next tutorial.

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