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Playing with spreadsheet become easier

Google spreadsheet is one of the best apps of the Google drive, which is used in various place with different things i.e., – from a simple calculation to a presentation in the meeting room.

Google always tries to improve its features day by day, we have already seen some major updates before like including Explore tool for Google Docs, incorporating Google search with google drive, etc.

Today we are going to see one more awesome update. As we know, sometimes working with Google spreadsheet becomes too messy and you get frustrated. Yes, this happens to me also.

With this update, now you can work with the cells of your spreadsheet. Before this, we use to work with rows and columns, for any mistakes or duplicates we had to cover the whole row or whole column.

Now you can Insert, delete a cell and shift the neighbor cells up or right as per your need.

You can also select a rectangular block of cells, add anywhere in the sheet, it will shift down or right as per your requirement. You can also delete the block of cells as per your need; surrounding cells will automatically shift upwards or left.

For using these features, you can select the cell or block of cells and right-click. You will see the option to modify it. You can also insert the cell from the Insert under main menu section. For deleting the cell/block of cell, you can go to edit option under main menu section.

NOTE: This feature is only available in the web version of the spreadsheet for now, and I hope soon we will see this feature update in the Google spreadsheet mobile app also.

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You can play with the sheets with many ways. You can add, delete, freeze, hide or move rows and columns in your spreadsheet.



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