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Organizing Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations made easier

Introduction of the Google Drive in our lives was a boon to a lot of people. Initially it was used as a convenient place to store data and files, which can be retrieved anytime and anywhere.

It was also used to store data that we use to fear we might lose, if something catastrophic happens to our systems or laptops, like a crashed hard disk or we lost the device. For most people, these data files used to be memorable or special photographs or smaller data files.

Then the professional saw the potential of reducing their data movement worries and hassles of handling large data files. There are times when a profession is working on a project, which may require to be accessed from different locations. With Google Drive all this and a lot more became possible, not only for professional but artists and writers as well.


Google Drive already offers certain feature that allows us to manage the data saved on the drive. We can easily view the details of every file or folder we have saved.

For example, if we are sharing a few files with different people, either from our work or with our friends, it allows us to view the name of the owner and specific details, like when the file was last opened or when was it last modified. It gives you the correct location of the file and all the other relevant details, you might need to organize your data.

Now, they are going a step further and making data and file management even easier for us. With the latest addition, that allows us to not only view the information about our files, but also for the spreadsheets, documents or presentations saved on the drive.

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The best part is, we won’t need to learn any new process or steps, we can follow the same steps we use for files and folders.

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