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Optimize your Emails for Responsive Design

When you are sending emails on a day to day basis to your friends and family members, then you also have to keep the note that these emails can be accessed from anywhere like the modern days smart phones, or tablets and the recipient might not use the traditional apps that comes with the email providers, so what can you do to make these emails device responsive, here is an article which will help you out on this.

With the latest updates that are coming to the Gmail people who are using this facility will be able to send emails with some inline CSS commands which will enable the users to do some advance stuffs using their emails, and among those features is the responsive designs.


Example of an email before and after responsive design

Apart from this there will be optional advantages like changing the styles of the email, rotation, rearrangement, change of resolution according to need and many more.

So as a tech guy who has knowledge on this, they can do well with the CSS works, but if you are a non tech person then what can you does to make the emails work according to your need? Here is an example code which you can apply to make your email’s resolution and width fixed:

@media screen and (min-width: 500px) {

.colored {





With this little code, as someone from the CSS background will know, this information can change your email, giving some specific information, and setting some specific usages like:

  1. Setting the width of the email at a fixed scale,
  2. Changing the color of the email (like subjects and headlines) to red

You can do more than this ones’ this is launched. The launch details are both going on a rapid pace and will be scheduled soon. People can use this feature using any clients, including IMAP and POP clients if those can be incorporated in the emails giving you more advanced features.

The rollout pace is set on a gradual day to day rollout, with more than three features that are fully for the visibility side.

The end users are the Google+ users for whom the feature is coming up, and will make Google+ one of the top place and one of the important social media platforms in the latest time, when the update is finally released for everyone.

This piece of information is great and was disclosed during the day when Google was invented back in 1995.

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