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Obtain HD wallpapers using the Google+ App

We all love to have beautiful and catchy wallpaper, and if it is as rich in color and sharp as in high definition images – nothing like that. Here I will take you through the ways to obtain high definition wallpapers quite easily using the Google+ app:-

  1. Download the Google+ app (if you have not done so yet) and open it.
  2. Open the search and type in “wallpapers” to begin the quest. You will get to see thousands of posts, communities and collections in the response to your search query.
  3. Identify a few communities or collections that are to your liking and “follow” them.


That’s it. Now every time you open your Google+ app, you will find fresh wallpaper (in high definition) already there in the feed. To use an image from the Google+ feed as your wallpaper, all you have to do is a few simple steps that I am listing below:

  1. Open Google+ (I assume that you have downloaded the app and have followed the steps given above to follow some communities or collections offering high definition wallpapers).
  2. Tap on the desired image (from the feed), then tap on the three dots menu available at the top right. You will see a pop-up menu in which you will have to touch “Set as” and then “Set Wallpaper”.
  3. Next, you can resize the image and use it as your wallpaper.

You also can download the images directly to your phone and then choose from a list offline and then decide on setting one as the wallpaper. The choice is all yours!

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If you are unsure about which community to follow to get the best wallpapers, here are a few that we found quite useful in getting high definition images:

  • Google Earth Wallpapers
  • Absolutely Wallpapers
  • Buildings, Nature and Landscapes

Now, get ready to spruce your phone with some of the best wallpapers available online in high definition and energize your mind.

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