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Now create Shared Albums with Google Photo

When you take a fun trip with your friends or office colleagues, to relax and enjoy some downtime. The last thing on your mind is: to keep track of the photos. Or to better explain it, you don’t worry about who is recording which fun event you and your friends participated in; or who is holding out his phone, when you decided to jump of the cliff and in to the lake, to take a dip in the cold lake water. In that moment, all you care about is enjoying yourself and living your life to the fullest.

Then you come back, and like all of us, what to share those fun moments with your other friends, especially the ones who missed out on going with you for the trip. So, the first thing you do is start looking through your camera or phone images. Unfortunately, you realize quite late that most of your fun moments, the exact moments you remember in vivid details and want to share the most, are in someone else’s device. And then the search begins in the earnest, because it’s not only you, but everyone else is also looking for their photos.

The trip that was supposed to be fun and relaxing turns into a chaotic exercise. In the end, you might just find a few photographs, but the fun may no long be there.

Thankfully, Google introduced a new shared albums feature through Google Photos. This new feature takes everyone’s photo and pools it in one album, making it a completely stress free exercise.

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So, how does it work?

Google introduced Google Photos in May of this year, it allows you to send the link using any medium, be it email or SMS or a messaging app, if you wish to share your photo albums or just images with your friends. Now, they have taken this initiative a step further, by adding a new and innovative feature to the app. This new feature allows you to make shared albums. In simpler words, it means others can add the photos and videos they took, with their camera and smart phones, to the album, making it a collaborative or shared album. They can even choose the option of getting notifications, when a new photo or video is added to the shared album. You can even save the album on your Google Drive.

All this and you will not even need an online educational course to create this album. All you have to do is select the images and create the album. No matter what device your friends are using, the link you send will work for them, be it a Laptop or Tab, iOS or Android. This service is already available for iOS, Android and web users.

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