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Now create and edit Docs and Sheet on the go

Smart Phones and Tablets have integrated themselves into our lives, with an ease that was never even thought of before. Today, we not only take our calls on our Smart Phones, but also use them for a number of other things, like to watch a movie or to send out emails or to surf the internet and even to view the documents, sheets and slides. With this kind of dependence on our new favorite devices, we want even more from it, in fact we demand more.

Google is looking into these demands of its users and constantly coming up with new and improved apps, which make our day to day life a lot easier. With the introduction of the Google Drive, they made a huge leap in providing us with new technology. Now, we can save our documents, sheets and presentation on the go. All we have to do is save our files on the drive and view and organize them whenever we want.

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Though, this gave birth to a new idea and demand. We wanted to be able to edit and even create a new document or a sheet or a slide show, through our mobile devices like Tab and Androids. To fulfill this need, Google has introduced a new standalone app for Documents and Sheets. With this new app we can find the sheet we were looking for on our drive or we can create a new document, using only the Documents app, through our smart phones or any other mobile devices supported by Google. They are even working on making this feature available for Slides shows.

First thing that will attract our attention when we open the app, is the readily availability of all our recently edited or worked documents or sheets. This will, of course, cut down on the time we normally spend searching for any particular file. The best feature though, is offline support. In simpler words, even if we don’t have an internet connection readily available, we can still work on our files, saved on the drive. For better understanding, we can look at the model used for Gmail, where we can view our existing and last updated emails, even without an internet connection.

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This even allows us to create a document or sheet, without internet connection. These new apps are already available on Google play store, with [Docs] and [Sheets] in the app store. Google is confident of this being a useful tool for its users and all will be prompted to download the additional feature, the next time we are working on the drive.


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