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New version of Google+

Google+ has become the easiest way to connect with all your friends and family. This is now being used in a professional level too. Corporates around the world are using it for various aspects like keeping the remote workers in the loop so that they will know what is going on in the company and sharing different types of information to the various teams.

Google+ is being used to collaborate more efficiently and the commination channels have been enhanced. To enhance the user experience, a new version of the Google+, which was announced last week, has been released today. This new version will make Google+ the default option when Google Apps users who are making use of Google+ access the web.

This will help in enhancing the user experience by making sure that the Google team could easily focus on those features which the App customers have been saying that they find useful.


This will include various features like the request for a new home page that will enable the users to browse through the content quickly and seamlessly, Communities option which will allows them to collaborate various ideas easily and the Collections option which will help many organizations by allowing them to follow the topics that they are interested in and discuss about them.

But if the users prefer the Classic Google+ interface, they will still be able to use that option. They can do this by clicking the “Back to classic Google+” link which can be found at the bottom left-corner in the screen. In the upcoming coming weeks, the Google+ new version will be launched which automatically make the Google+ app as the main Google Apps service.

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When this is launched then the customers who are currently using Google Apps will henceforth not be able to go back to the older version which is the classic Google+ interface.

Launch Details:

Release Track:

The latest version of Google+ that will be launching as a default experience is set to both Scheduled and Rapid release today. But in the upcoming weeks, Google apps users will no longer be able to revert back to the older classic Google+ interface when this new version of Google+ is launched that will make it the core Google Apps service. Users can monitor the Apps release calendar for any specific launch date that will be added after this.

Rollout pace:

A gradual rollout which might take more than 3 days before it is visible.


It will impact all end-users who have domains that has Google+ enabled.


FYI/any change management is suggested.


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