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New tool ‘Explore’ for Docs, Slides and Sheets

The introduction of Google Docs – enabled us to work from anywhere – create documentsslides and worksheets from anywhere, be it from school or work or from a picnic site. However, creating these documents and presentations, still takes a lot of time and thinking, as things like themes and fonts and a hundred other things have to decided, as well.

To cut down this additional hassle and effort that we have to put in every time, Google has come up with a new tool called ‘Explore’ that can be used in Sheets, Docs, and Slides. It brings us different and competent design tools along with amazing and useful research recommendations. All these insights help you create greater and better work, that so, much faster than before.


Explore insight, making it more users friendly Using formulas in worksheets is difficult in the best of times; however while using them in Sheets, the difficulty level rises to a new height. To counter this, the new Explore option, helps you to make sense of your data much more easily, no matter how competent you are with the formulas. You can now just ask the Explore in simple words to get you the most complex of results.


Like what were sales figures for a particular day or how did new store products performed. It takes a lot less time, because you no longer have to worry about the calculations, or thinking up complex and lengthy formulas.The new formatting suggestions will make your data magically appear discernible, and that so, without much hassle. Slides made more beautiful Creating slides is always a challenge; however with the new Explore in Slides, the designing is a lot easier and simpler, now. While you are working in the Slides, Explore is busy working for you. It gives you suggestions, basing its decision on the content of y our presentation’s raw data.

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You can simply pick any of the recommendations and apply them on the slide with one simpleclick. With this step, all the cropping, resizing, and reformatting will be taken care of for you. It is said this can save up to 30% of your time.


Easier to research Again the Explore will make your life easy by researching, topic while you are busy creating your Docs file. This way it will give you relevant suggestions for your projects and make them your best work.

The Explore option is now available in android, web and even in iOS.

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