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New Tips & tricks of Gboard you need to know

Gboard has already been saving our precious time with their awesome features like Google Translate, Google image search etc in your keyboard, Now Google has launched some more features which will improve your experience with Gboard.

Google has improved its machine learning and released these features, let’s see these features

Emoji search has been reached in new level if you are not able to search an emoji in your emoji keyboard, Open your emoji handwriting and draw the emoji you want. google will recognize and give you the related emoji results 😎

This new feature also includes suggesting the sentence phrases, it will help you to increase your text per minute ratio, Google will predict, what you may write and show you in suggestion. i.e – If you are typing “looking forward”, then you will see “to it” or “to seeing” as in the suggestion, you can just choose the one you want. Currently, this is only released in English and in near future, Google is going to release in the other languages.

Gboard is also giving browse-in feature with its keyboard. You can just search anything and it will show you results related to it. You don’t need to go to another app to search anything, You can search within your Gboard and share in any apps. You can go to Google maps, Watch a youtube video etc. Just click on G arrow and query and you will see the respective results and you can share the result.

Gboard is always launching new features with its new updates, Gboard is now supporting more than 200 languages and Google is still working on spreading the phrase suggestion in many languages.

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Please make sure that you are working with the latest version of Gboard app (version 6.3). Visit play store to check and update your app to the latest version.

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