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New Google Apps launcher with new order

Do you use Google apps launcher to open the google products like drive, calendar, contacts etc. This apps launcher present in google bar just gives a user to quickly access to google products.

Some users customize this app launcher according to their ease, whatever they use the most, keep them in the up and less used apps goes to down side of the launcher.

Google is now coming up with some changes in the app launcher for new users, who do not able to give their time to customize the apps launcher for themselves. To go ahead with this, Google has launched the most used apps on the top of apps launcher like Gmail, drive, docs, sheets.

Current Layout :

New Layout :

Users can see this new launcher in their account from 1st August, Tuesday.

And yes, this new launcher only can be seen by the new users who have not customized their launcher yet. Those, who have already customized their apps launcher, they will not be going to see the change after 1st August.

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