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New G-suite security control for third party apps

Keeping the domain’s important data secure and safe is a very big issue for G suite admins, especially for big organizations with a large number of users. Google is constantly working to beat the phishing attackers with advanced machine learning technology, Google is improving advance phishing detection day by day. Google has already enabled many tools and enforced many security measures like security key enforcement, DLP etc to tighten the security of data.

Google has recently added a new feature to control data accessing and prevent phishing attacks – OAuth Apps Whitelisting. Which gives you control to manage the access of connected apps via OAuth access. It increases the visibility of data usage of the domain via third party apps and gives you the power to manage them.

Controlled access over the third party apps

Google has rolled out this new feature to control the data safety and security, here admins can choose which third party apps can be used by their users, they can check the used third party apps in the domain, after whitelisting the apps, domain users can authorize access with their G-suite account. It helps users to get tricked by the spammer, which prevents the data loss to the spammers.

With this new feature, admins can

  1. Admin can check all used third party apps details thoroughly, which is using domain’s data.
  2.  Admins can whitelist the third party apps, allow only trusted third party apps.

  3. Check and control Oauth access to core Gsuite Apps, which helps to prevent unauthorized app installs.
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Once these OAuth whitelist settings have been updated, admins can enforce the policy with third party apps and users will automatically get protected by unauthorized apps.

This feature has been rolled out to all the G suite editions recently. If you still don’t see these options in your domain, wait for some day, google is still rolling out this feature in phases. Get the step by step instructions to start OAuth whitelisting here.

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