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New Feature Updates on Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings

Google drive is one of the most used services from Google. You can count this under best collaborative google service. Google provides the capabilities like ‘working many people at once on the same file’, ‘search data on the internet on the same page’ and many more features.

Recently, There have been several updates made by Google on Google drive. Let’s check out the updated features one by one.

New languages have been added to the google docs, sheets, and Slides

Google has always been working to make their services more collaborative, Google has taken a new step to make this collaboration easier and effective. Google has expanded his font catalog to 62 languages. Now no matter where your colleagues are or customers are located, you can easily collaborate with them.

To find the new fonts on Google docs, You can go to ‘more fonts’ at the bottom of Fonts Menu. You will also get an option to select the related fonts based on your selected language.

Google has also added the Google docs, sheets, slides and forms template in four new languages European Spanish, Latin American Spathesnish, French, and Brazilian Portugues. And Google will launch these templates with more languages soon.

Insert Images with a click in your Google Docs, Slides and Drawing

A picture always says more than words when it is added to some documentation or in the presentation. Google has made this option easier and quicker in google docs, slides, and drawings.

When you click on Insert > Image, You will see following options

  • Upload from computer
  • Search the web
  • Drive
  • Photos
  • By URL
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When you select ”upload from computer” It will take you to file manager in the new pop-up window, which many users are already familiar with. Clicking on ‘search the web’, ‘Drive’ and ‘photos’ will take you to the right sidebar (like  Explore feature), where you can directly see the photos and web results and directly drag and drop the photos in the Google documents. Clicking on ‘By URL’ will get ask you for image URL.

Copy Suggestions and Comments from Google Documents

When you copy Google docs, slides or sheets, it only copies the document contents, it leaves the comment and suggestions as it is.

Google has now updated a feature to copy comments and suggestions to increase the collaboration more effective. This will help you to keep updating all data (including comments and suggestions) when you are duplicating the google documents.

To copy the comments and suggestions, you can simply click on ‘Copy comments and suggestions’ or ‘copy comments’ While copying the document.

Once your comment and suggestion will be copied, You can see a little notification in the comment box that this comment has been copied.

Check these awesome feature update today and let us know your experience with these new features.

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