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Trash feature rolls out in Google contacts

We already have trash feature in Gmail and Google drive, where we can retrieve the deleted files/mails within 30 days of deletion. This feature is very helpful, we delete many mails and files by accident but we can recover these files and mails thanks to trash folder. Now Google has added the Trash feature in the Google contacts.

What a relief!. Now we don’t have to worry if we delete the contact accidentally, we don’t have to go to different persons to get the user details. We can simply go to trash folder in the google contact and retrieve the deleted contact.

Google has rolled out this feature for g-suite customers as well as for all normal gmail customers. So if user deletes any contact by accident, they can recover it from trash.

But this feature of checking and recovering the deleted google contacts, user will have to open the google contacts web.

Trash in Google contacts
Trash in Google contacts
Image credit: Google

Do not worry, if you have deleted a contact from your android or iOS device also, the deleted contact will be moved to trash before it gets permanently deleted after 30 days.

Admin does not have to do anything to enable this feature, this feature is enabled by default for all users.

Steps to recover the deleted contact

  • Go to Google contacts (Web Version).
  • Check the left side item and look for trash.
  • Click on trash.
  • Look for the contact which you want to retrieve.
  • Click on the check box near that contact and click restore.
  • For permanent deletion of the contact, click on the contact and then ‘permanent delete’.
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Check out the new trash features and let us know if you have accidentally deleted the contacts previously.

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