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New Feature release-Rapid release

Google is known always releasing new products and services to its users. Organisation’s administrators  can manage the new feature and product for your organisational user easily.

Hello guys, Welcome back to my tutorials on Google apps. So this is the admin console dashboard, which you have already know if you have seen my previous tutorials. In this tutorial i will talk about how you can change some further settings in company profile. So you go to company profile module click on profile, it will load, Now when you scroll down here, you see there are two feature New products and New user features. So new user feature is like-suppose there is some update from Google, new service has been added. Then you choose to be rapid release or scheduled release for user which is present in Google apps. If you choose rapid release your users automatically receive new feature as an when Google releases them And if you choose scheduled release. It will be typically release in to 1-2 week to the users. It will always depend on your organisation polices because rapid release is good as per as i see because user will get feature instantly but scheduled release also be good depending on amount of services which you want to be open for the users because every user may not be expert in every feature. It will depend on organisational polices in-sort. Now new products choose how to release new product or new services to your users. So it can be release automatically or manually. So here you have to release to the user. These are user feature (New user features)but these are products like administrator add new services to the dashboard after Google releases that as an administrator i have to add in Google apps manually or it will be added automatically into Google apps so this option can be always set to automatic because you may not want to track all the Google releases and add then manually as an administrator. Again this is the release calendar here so once you click on the release calendar. You can track what Google is going to release from a timeline from calender. So this is the release calendar. Here everything is defined as when you click on something you can see the description what’s new in Google apps. This is a video you can learn about it by click on more details. When you click on more details it will show you, what is it all about the new feature so you can keep track of these features and manage your settings New user features and New product settings.
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Descriptive Explanation:

New Feature Release:

As video is the best way to understand anything, but if still you are confused then please follow the below steps provided with screenshots:

First open the company profile console from admin dashboard.

Admin Console


In company profile page you can see the Tabs Profile, Communication preferences, Personalization etc

Company Profile


Click on the Profile Tab and scroll down .Here you can see the new user feature and new products options.

New user feature is the option where you have to select the option that how you want your users would use the new feature release by Google . If you want your users should use the new feature as soon as Google releases then select Rapid release.

New products is a feature given by Google to manage the new released services.If you want to moderate and approve every new service released by google.then choose manual and you will have to add all new release services to dashboard if you want your users should use the new feature


new feature Rapid release


Select the option and hit the save changes. You can check all new release of google in release calendar.

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