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All you need to know about Google News

Google news is one of the services from Google which brings you a dashboard kind of presentation about the world news. You can enjoy Google news both in a browser and also in the form of Google News App in your mobile phone. Google News gives you the top stories from different news channels from all over the world. There are different categories for sports, health, business, technology, entertainment, science, world, most popular etc. You can get news according to certain presets such as location you are trying to browse as well as different categories such as country, state and even city.

Google news

Tips for settings: Do not worry if you are getting news from US and you are not there. You can change that in the settings by choosing the editions. You can even change the temperature unit and wind speed unit.Most importantly you can manage the sections (categories) which are shown in the home page of the Google News. If you wants to know about an old story you can type the search keyword in the search bar and hit enter. Then click on search tools and you will get a drop down menu saying recent. Select archives from that menu you can see the old stories.

How does Google news work?

The first and most important fact you have to understand is that the sorting of the news is done by the computer not by humans so you can be rest assured that there won’t be any particular point of view that will affect this process. The only thing that may affect the sorting process it is your interest of topics and publications. Google clusters the news from different news channels mostly based on named entities in articles. Google accomplishes thus using algorithms to cluster related documents. There are two types of clustering like incremental and distributed. Before selecting the type you have to check the scalability of the algorithm. In a huge system like Google News several types of algorithms will be tried out along with the heuristic methods to get the most accurate clustering.

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google news

Now we know that Google has deployed internet bots which browses the web all the time so that it can provide the latest information and Google uses the same technique for Google News so that it can provide the news faster. The placement of the stories depends upon how the online news publishers or organisations determine the value and reliability of the articles. While grouping the stories Google algorithms also takes in to consideration the titles, freshness of story, text, place and relevance of the particular article. According to this data the ranking is done for the online publishers and stories are showed. If you want to add any site to the Google News you can apply through Google New Publisher Center. Google will review the site and will include the site if they are satisfied with the source.

I have explained here how Google News works in simple words; however it is not that simple a process. Google is still improving its search and clustering algorithms for better results.


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