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Merge events in your google calendar

Calendar is an important tool for our professional life, for organizing your meetings, lunch and many more events of the day.

In our professional day, we always gets into a situation to add some calendars of colleagues or room resources to our calendars to keep track of events, In such instances, calendar gets flooded with events and it become very hard to read them.

We have a solution for this snag, Which will merge the events into a single events.

Event Merge for Google Calendar‘ Chrome extension merges the same events on different calendars into a single event.

This extension search  for same events in all the calendars and then merge them into a single event with the strip of colors of all the user’s calendars. It will leave all the different events same as it is. 

Who does not want to see the less clumsiness in their calendar, so this is a way to reduce the cluttering the calendar events. So add this extension in your chrome and let us know your experience.



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