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Map your new Google sites with custom domain Urls

Many organizations need to make information available on internal and external platforms. With Google sites now you can also make the site external with the known URLs.

As it was available in the classic Google sites, This feature is also available with the google new sites. Admins can now change the google site link to custom domain url for external users. 

Admins can follow the below steps for mapping the google site address to custom domain url (i.e – ”” to custom url ””)

  1. Login to your Admin console
  2. Go to Apps > Gsuite > Sites from your admin console dashboard.
  3. Go to column ‘Web address Mapping‘.
  4. Click  ‘Add a new web address‘.
  5. Fill the respective options
    1. Version –  classic Sites or new Sites
      Choose your version of the site, in which platform your site was build.
    2. Site Location – Choose your domain (or registered domain) where your site exists and give your site name.
    3. Web Address—Fill the new site name(subdomain) you want and choose the domain, where you want to publish your site (e.g –
  6. Then click ‘Add mapping ‘ and then follow the mentioned next steps to verify it.
  7. Accordingly, you have to Add CNAME in the DNS of the domain with your domain registrar.

Note: Until and unless you change the CNAME in your DNS, the mapping will not work.

Important Notes:

  • Google always comes with the limit in every feature to stop the abusing of the feature. In this feature, admin can add up to 20 new mapping each week for their domain.
  • The sites with only organization view access will be redirected to default Url (
  • The mapping site will automatically provision the domain validated SSL certificate for safe and secure connection.
  • It may take up to 24 hours to take effect.
  • Trial domains will not be able to use this feature.
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