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Manage WhatsApp Groups effortlessly

manage whatsapp groups

Your WhatsApp group has a potential of becoming out of control. Never fear! You can manage your WhatsApp Groups using the tools that WhatsApp has provided.

Manage WhatsApp Groups: Features

It’s crucial to maintain lots of people in a WhatsApp group, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of messages. You may accomplish this using three capabilities of WhatsApp Groups.

WhatsApp Group: Description of the Group

The Group Description will help ensure that you and the rest of the group stay on course. People must click Group Info in order to view the group description.

update whatsapp group description

You must access the action menu in the top right to create a group description. Go to group info and then select description. You can change the group information here if you have authorization to do so.

WhatsApp Groups: Search

Information that was sent hundreds of messages ago can sometimes be found using search. You can search for text after pressing the search button.

Because WhatsApp searches in reverse chronological order, it’s wonderful to be able to start with chats that have recently mentioned your search phrase and then go back in time to older discussions that also reference the same text.

Manage WhatsApp Groups Search Feature

You must select search from the action menu in the top right corner of your WhatsApp Group in order to search within it.

When you’re in the search interface, start typing and then use the search button in the bottom right corner to find what you’re looking for. You can navigate up and down the conversation where your search phrase appears using the up and down arrows in the upper right corner.

WhatsApp Group: Media Files

Do you still have that PDF that was provided to you six months ago? You are unaware of what it was called? The use of group media can be helpful here.

In a chat that has lasted for hundreds of messages, Group Media can be very helpful.

It will group documents or even those extremely difficult-to-find links that someone provided with you years ago and provide them to you in a neat list.Media in Whatsapp Groups

Open the action menu in the top right corner and choose group media to view your group media. You can navigate between the media, documents, and links there. You may find all the files and links mentioned throughout the talk here. Links allow you to return to the conversational section where they were sent.

Features that Make WhatsApp Groups More Productive:

WhatsApp Group Call

WhatsApp Group Call and WhatsApp Group Video Call are two of the lesser-known functionalities of WhatsApp Groups. A group call can occasionally be the solution you’re looking for.

manage WhatsApp Groups Call

Did you know that a WhatsApp Group allows you to video call up to 8 people at once?
Press the phone + symbol at the top of your WhatsApp group to begin a call. After pressing it, you can select your participants and decide whether to make a voice call or a video call at the bottom of the screen.

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Settings for WhatsApp Groups Permissions

Sometimes having just one person in charge of the group is insufficient. The group’s original creator might not be as active now, so you’ll need someone else to add and remove members. WhatsApp provides a variety of permissions options that can be used to facilitate this.

How to Add and Remove WhatsApp Group Admin

An admin can add and remove additional WhatsApp Group Admins from the group using the Edit Group Admins feature. You must select Group Info from the action menu in the top right corner to access the admin settings. Once there, you can edit group administrators by opening the group settings.

The ability for normal group members to edit group information and send messages can be enabled or disabled by admins.

How to Edit Participant Privileges for WhatsApp Groups

Edit You can revoke rights from regular group members using Group Info. By default, anyone can change the group information. You can set this setting to restrict group information editing to admins only.

Open group info from the action menu in the top right to go to this configuration.


Once there, you can modify group information by opening the group settings.

You can deny ordinary group members the ability to send messages by using the send message feature. This effectively transforms your WhatsApp Group into a whatsapp community. It’s merely a method for administrators to tell everyone in the group.

Open group info from the action menu in the top right to go to this configuration. Once there, you can go to send messages and access group settings.

Well, recently Whatsapp has rolled out a new feature called Whatsapp community which can club multiple groups into one community and you can send messages to all different different group members at once.

Well whats app community is different from whatsapp groups. but this is a topic for later. lets see some of the other features, using which we can manage whatsapp groups.

Features for keeping WhatsApp Groups sane:

Delete & Mute WhatsApp Group

These functions are referred to as “sanity features” since they aid in maintaining your sanity. Those who have used WhatsApp Groups frequently understand the frustration of receiving new messages every ten seconds.

Leaving a WhatsApp Group

You have the choice to exit a WhatsApp group if it is getting out of control. Simply select More > Exit Group by clicking the three dots in the top right. Alternately, click the name of the WhatsApp group. Click Exit Group > Exit after that.

Exit WhatsApp Group
If you leave a group, you’ll be removed from it, but you can still view the group in your Chats page and read the chat history. If you are the sole administrator of a WhatsApp group, a new administrator will be selected at random.

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Deleting WhatsApp group

Once you’ve left a WhatsApp Group, you can remove it. Remember that deleting a group will remove the group’s chat history and remove it from the Chats.

Delete WhatsApp Group

Tap on the group name, then select Delete Group > Delete to remove a WhatsApp group. Check the box labelled “Delete Media In This Chat” if you want to remove the group media.

WhatsApp Groups Mute Instructions

You can temporarily step away from a WhatsApp Group while staying connected to it thanks to Mute Notifications. Any WhatsApp Group’s notifications can be muted for eight hours, a day, or indefinitely.

There is a checkbox where you can select show notifications, which is a unique feature. If you are muting notifications, why would you want to display them?

mute WhatsApp Group

When you choose that option, you will no longer receive the customary pop-up notice letting you know what the message is but will still be able to see the WhatsApp app symbol on your top bar when there are unread messages.

To silence notifications, select muffle notifications from the action menu in the top right corner. The duration for which you want to mute the notifications can then be chosen. You can return to the same menu to turn off the muted notifications.

This is a very handy feature to avoid ringing your phone for every 10 seconds, If you have a similar group you can simply put the mute option for that group. I have already muted 2 groups in my whatsapp.

How to Configure Custom Notifications for WhatsApp Groups

The exact opposite of muting notifications is using custom notifications. This setting will let you to produce a special notification rather than muffle the group, making it simple to identify which WhatsApp Groups need your attention.

When you have numerous discussions or groups in WhatsApp and you need to be able to offer one WhatsApp Group or a few WhatsApp Groups additional attention, this can be helpful.
Open the action menu in the top right, choose Group Info, then choose Custom Notifications to create a custom notification. There, you may customize your notification light’s color, vibration pattern (long or short), and ringtone.Customised notification for manage whatsapp group

Giving this WhatsApp Group precedence over other groups is also possible by adding a shortcut to your home screen. If your WhatsApp app is overflowing with discussions and you’d like to quickly access select groups, you can do this.

Add shortcut for whats app group

Open the action menu in the upper right, push more, then choose Add shortcut to create a shortcut to the WhatsApp Group. You can then decide the location of the shortcut on your mobile home screen.

I hope that these features will help you to manage different multi member groups easily. Please let me know if i have skipped some important feature which will make manage whatsapp groups more easier.


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