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Manage your team with Google’s Team Drive

Google drive is one of the best tools available for online sharing and edit the documents at the same time with more than one user. Team drive is basically a cloud service provider and a software that permits you to share spaces where teams are allowed to store, easy access and search for their files anywhere, from any of the devices. Files residing in team drive belong to the team and not to an individual. Irrespective of whether the members leave, the file still continues to reside at the location and the same is available for information sharing for other team members.

Some of the features of Team Drive are:

  • Centralize critical files in business: The most important files can be stored on team drive. This helps eradicate the issue of a certain piece of information held in an individual’s personal folder.
  • Admin has the super powers: admin has the powers to restrict access to Team Drives content in case required to execute the power.

Google team drive

  • Eligible customers: Acceptance into the program has one restriction; only G Suite Business and education customers are eligible.
  • Granular Access: The basic aim is to offer the companies an easy mechanism to access or share files across the organisation. There are granular access rights over the contents as well. Some people should be given access only to read the files well few others need access rights to edit documents. All this can be managed through access control.
  • Making onboard new hires easy: For new employees to become productive, the process can get stretched up to some months. One of the cause can be limited access to training materials and project documents. Use of Team Drives helps newly joined employees to get immediate access to the concerned documents. This can help you get your new employees drive straight into work.
  • Usage of Machine Learning to locate files: There are zillions of files stored in the drive. Quick access to your concerned file is not less than a boon. Google Team Drive has incorporated the feature called as Quick Access. It makes use of powerful machine learning algorithms that can analyse the trending topics and contents, contextual information, team calendars to recognize the relevant documents and prompt suggestions to the user.
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Team Drive

  • Files reside in the Team Drive even if members leave: Once an employee leaves the company, it will be a tedious task to find out the ownership of the file resides with whom. The files in the team drives can be accessed even if the employee leaves the organization
  • Member of multiple team drives: Individuals can be a member of multiple team drives and have access to all of them.
  • Enhanced security: Following are the four levels of access permissions for Team Drives:
    • Comment access: members can comment on the files and can also make use of suggested changes whenever available.
    • Full Access: Eligible members can create, upload, move, edit and delete files.
    • Edit Access and Read only: Some can only read the files, while some can edit as well.

Google can make managing team easy with these features. So team management is now easy with Google Team Drive.

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