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Now manage suspended user’s calendar on your calendar and via calendar API

In every organisation, calendar is used to schedule an event or book a meeting or any other reminders. resource calendar has been used to manage the rooms and

In Google apps, When we suspend the former employee for a particular time period or before deleting them, no one from organisation can access their primary calendar to read or edit, not even super-admins. So it results the hotch-potch in the meeting rooms due to booking events of former employees.

With the recent update from Google, Now super-admins of the organisation can access suspended user’s primary calendar in their web calendar or via calendar API.

Now super-admins can add the suspended user’s calendar in their calendar and remove the obsolete events from meeting room calendars directly and make the rooms or resources available for the new events.

Adding and managing any suspended user’s calendar is same as managing resource calendar. 

Managing suspended user’s calendar is same as managing active user’s calendar or a resource calendar.

  1. Go to your web calendar.
  2. Add the suspended user’s address in other’s calendar box, user’s calendar will be added in your calendar.
  3. Now you can see the user’s calendar events in your calendar with different colour.
  4. Delete or transfer the events to other users.

For Deleting calendar Event

  1. Go to that particular event. Click on edit event.
  2. On the event page, you will see ‘delete’ on the top. Click on delete.
  3.  And after confirmation for deletion according, If this is a recurring event it will ask for confirmation if you want to delete all series event or only that particular instance.
  4. Your event will be deleted.
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For Changing Ownership of Event

  1. Go to that particular event. Click on edit event.
  2. On event page, You can see the owner of the event on the calendar row. Select the drop down and you will change owner option at last.
  3. You will see the window to put new owner, and write a message with it to the new owner. Put the message and new owner’s email address and hot change owner.


change-owner of calendar event


From this google update, now the long complex work to clean the room from obsolete events of suspended users has been changed to easy one. now admins can delete the stale events to clean the resource rooms and also change ownership of event to other active user.


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