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Manage Google Drive files and folders

We have already seen lots of features of Google drive in last tutorials. Here we will learn, how to manage google drive files and folders with in your Google drive. We will also see some awesome tricks to save the drive space in your Google drive.

Manage Google Drive Files and Folders:

Lets start managing your drive files by creating a folder in your drive. Its a basic thing but let see it for new users in drive

Create Folder and insert Files

  1. Open Your drive.
  2. Click on NEW(As higlighted in screenshot)Drive New icon Click
  3. When You click on NEW, it will show options like Folder, File upload, Google docs, Google sheets etc to create these items. So for creating folder, select folder.
  4. You will be prompted to fill the name of your new folder. Fill the name and click on create folder.Create folder
  5. Now you can see your new folder in your Drive.
  6. For moving files in your newly created folder, Select the file, Drag and drop into new folder.Move files to folder


Now we will see starring a file.

Star Files in Google Drive

If you use any file very frequently then it can be very irritating to search that file when you login to your drive. starring file will save your time whenever you search for a prticular file.

Once you star a google drive file, it wil be avialable under star label on the left panel, when you click on star label, you will see the same file. NOTE: This feature does not copy the file, just provides the alternate path for the file

  1. Open your Drive
  2. Select the file which you want to star.
  3. Right click on selected file and select ‘Add star’Add star
  4. Now go to label starred in the left panel and you can see the file which you have marked star.starred
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Now we will see Sorting of files- Using Advance search

You can sort the files with many criteria as per your requirement with google drive advance search feature. Google has given too many criteria, using which you can search any file in your drive/sort your files.

  1. Open your drive
  2. Click on drop down present in drive search bar and you will see many option to filter.Drop down search bar
  3. Fill the fields as per your required filter/sorting criteria and then click on search. google will show you all results files matching the criteria.
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Delete and Restore Drive files

If you want to remove your file from your drive, you can move it out to trash and the file will be present in trash until you remove it from there.

Delete Files/Folders

  1. Open your drive
  2. Select the file you want to remove and then click on the remove icon trash can present in the top bar. This will remove this file from your drive.Trash

Restore Drive Files/Folders (From Trash)

  1. Open drive
  2. Go to Trash label present in the left panel. Select the file you want to restore from trash.
  3. Click on Restore present in top bar.Restore from trash
  4. The file will be restore in the same place where it was before deleting.

What if you clicked on ‘Delete forever’ instead of Restore

If you are a google apps user then no problem, you can contact you adminstrator and ask him to restore the deleted files with in last 25 days.

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Restoring Deleted data of a user- Support Doc of Google


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