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Misplacing or losing mobile phones are quite common nowadays. But so far no reliable system was available on the market or web to tackle the situation effectively for the Android devices.

Google already has the system introduced this facility of tracking for Android users. The user or owner can track their misplaced or stolen smart phones very quickly now. Typically this tracking can be done by two ways.

Google went one step further by locating where your misplaced or stolen smart phone is on the Google Map. The so far difficult to surmount problem is within easy reach even to a layman who is not tech savvy. (This is also possible on iPhones in a limited way using iCloud due to Googles inability to penetrate the iOS bastion).

my account

Going into My Account hub of Google a new “Find your phone” option can be seen. By tapping the find your phone button, you will be directed to the action you are seeking. You can activate the phone, to ring at maximum volume or lock it with message and contact number on the screen lock. The erasing of data on your phone is also possible. Locking is possible by going to the Android setting ->Security ->lock screen -> Owner’s information. You can also locate its precise position using the Device Manager on the phone.

manage your device

This facility to track your phone is a blessing during the helpless situations you’re your phone is lost or stolen. Moreover, Google is making it easier and quicker to locate your smart phone. By identifying almost the exact location on the map of the misplaced or lost phones, tracking down becomes a bit more quickly now.

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Google Now offers the search much easier in accessing My account by verbal command. The command can be like ‘Ok Google, show me my account’ or only’ I want to go to my account”. Maybe shortly you should be able to search based on your name. Google in turn is offering better security and privacy control. The location on the map will be the location you have used last. Once the phone is located on the map, that device will get a notification.

Android device manager will not work for devices that are turned off. If the free date or Wi-Fi disabled also, the device manager would not work. First, the location access shall have to be put on and signed to Google account. The find my phone details are available on Google.


Once you can more or less locate the phone on the map, you can initiate remotely ring, lock or erase functions by using the Android, device manager. Android device manager does not store location history. Every time of signing out, the deletion takes place.

To locate the missing device using the Android Device Manager the website can be utilised. So no more panic moments will be there when your phone is lost or stolen- of course if you have entered the date on the device manager right. Google account manager and Android device manager is on the innovative mood to give more user-friendly applications in the days to come. The security and privacy maintenance is now easier. To get the correct application installed, you can browse the Android Device Manager website as well as Android Device Manager app. Android Wear devices are also useful.

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