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Make your Old dusty Photos look good with PhotoScan

Photos preserve our memories and moments like nothing else can, that is why Google Photos is such a popular tool for saving your photos and videos online, as it allows you to access them anytime and anywhere.

However, we still have multitude of old photos that are from yesteryears, when digital technology was not even heard of. All those dusty old photos keep sitting in boxes or albums, as we all know, how difficult it can be to get them digitalized. So, no matter how dear they are to us, we can still not guaranty their survival forever.

Even if someone takes out the time and makes the effort to turn these dear old photos in to digital images, they run into a wide spectrum of problems. Firstly, the cost of scanners are pretty high, something not everyone is comfortable spending, at least not for a one time use only, which means they will either have to mail these photos to a professional or they can try to take photo from a photo.

However, mailing your old photos poses its own set of risks of losing them or damaging them in the transit, which only leaves you with one viable option. You will have to look into creating a photo from a photo.

Unfortunately, taking a photo of a photo is one of the most tedious and difficult thing to do, most times you end up with crooked edges or glare, and sometimes both, which defeats the purpose, as the resultant is normally not even recognizable. Even with image enhancement software’s you may never get good enough quality.

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Thankfully, Google has come up with PhotoScan, a revolutionary new application from Google Photos. This app has the ability to scan any photo, no matter how old or tattered or dusty they are, that so free of cost.

All you have to do is download the app on your Android or iOS devices and scan your photos, without worrying about the glare or anything else.

PhotoScan is fully equipped to detect defective edges, which most old photos may have, it can even rotate the image to correct its orientation and straighten it for angle corrections that may happen while we are scanning. However, the best feature is the glare removal capabilities of this app. Once you scan your perfect photo, you can simply save it to Google Photos with just one tap. And all this is absolutely free.


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