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Maintain your daily schedule with Reminder, appointment slots and Task

Google comes with a plethora of services and apps to support its users to go on with their daily chores. Be it for communication, setting reminders, completing the tasks or for business services, Google has an answer for everything. Here we are going to look how to maintain your daily schedule with Calendar Reminder and Appointment calendar.

The Google calendar

The Google Calendar which service (App) enables you to schedule meetings and daily tasks, lets you achieve that by creating and managing events.

Google Calendar

The Google schedule its events using the event option from Google Calendar which the user creates. Just like calendar reminders you can create and event by clicking on the empty space and enter the details. Later you can edit the details about the time and whether it is a repeating event. Google schedule these events as you have entered them and shows when it is time. Just like the reminders Google schedules your tasks also so that you can manage your daily activities.

Calendar reminder

The Google Calendar has been around for quite some time. Adding a reminder in Google Calendar is very simple process. You can just log into your Google Calendar and click on any empty slot to create a calendar reminder. Click on the reminder tab when a new box comes up and enter the details – what should Google remind you about, date, time, should it repeat, and whether the reminder should be there for all day. You can use the Google Calendar from any computer browser or a mobile phone or tablet just like you use the Calendar in your Microsoft Office Outlook application.

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On a smartphone or a tablet, open the Google Calendar app. At the bottom right corner, tap the option Create and then tap Reminder. Type the reminder as you intend to or you can even choose a suggestion. Once complete tap Done. Next, choose the desired date, time, and frequency for the reminder and tap Save (at the top right). This will enlist the reminder in the Google Calendar app until it is marked as done. Once the reminder is marked as done, it will be crossed out in the Google Calendar app.

Reminder app from Google

Google Now is the reminder app provided by Google in order to create and manage your schedule by creating reminders just like in Google Calendar reminder. You can avail the service of this reminder app by installing Google App.

google apps reminder You can set the reminders using the voice command by saying “Ok Google”, and say what the Google should remind you of. The Google reminder app (Google Now) creates the reminder and will show you it later.

The Appointment Calendar

The appointment slot is made available only to the school or Work Google Calendar account. For example professors can set appointments in their calendar so that the students can reserve the time. So, if you do not see the Appointment Calendar in your Google Calendar, it’s just not there. appointment slots

To use the Appointment slot or to set appointment on a work or school account follow these steps:

  1. Open Calendar and select the Week view or Day view. Make sure that you have logged in to the work or school account to do this.
  2. Click anywhere in the calendar. An event box will pop up, click Appointment slots.
  3. Enter the details and the title, and pick the calendar in which you wish the event to be aligned.
  4. For adding more details such as location, description, or to make the appointment block repeat, you can click Edit details.
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These are the most popular ways by which Google aids you to maintain your daily schedule – using Google Calendar, Google Now (reminder app), and Appointment Calendar (used by students to set appointments).

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