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Keep yourself safe with Google updates in case of disaster

Natural disasters are something that claims human life and infrastructure around the globe. It is one phenomenon that we humans, the dominate species of our planet, cannot control or fight against. When a Natural disaster strikes an area, it can devastate and push it behind decades, by destroying its infrastructure. Though, the biggest lose is of human life.

Fortunately, we can predict a few of these natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, wild fires etc. The advance warning gives us time to make a plan of action to evade the most disastrous of its effects, at least on human life. However, there are still a number of these occurrences that are beyond prediction. Earthquakes are one such natural disaster. A study shows that we get more then 500,000 earthquakes every year, though we can only feel about 100,000 of them.


Google is trying to help you by adding a new feature in its browser, which allows you to search for the earthquakes and get more information about any earthquake you feel. All you have to do is: search for things like “earthquake in my area” or simply ‘earthquake’ and Google will give you a summery at the top of your search page, about the quake you felt.

It will be a rundown of all the relevant information like your distance from the estimated epicenter and or the reported intensity of the quake, and a few other important details. Then it will compare the quake with other recent earthquakes, to allow you to understand the severity beyond the numbers alone.

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Though, the best feature is the information on the expected aftershocks in the hours or days to come. This will allow you make an informed decision on your next move. Google goes one step further and also gives you the information on the safety tips. As we all know, in face of a disaster, how easy it is to forget the most basic of the safety tips. A reminder from Google will certainly not harm, but could end up saving a few lives.

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