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Keep your home life uninterrupted with Google Wi-Fi

The main motto of the home wi-fi is to ensure strong and reliable wi-fi connection coverage in the entire apartment. But the most common complaint encountered is coverage. Often your wi-fi network is not capable of following you wherever you lead in the house. It can be quite frustrating when you are entitled to complete a task and the wi-fi coverage forces you to move to the area in your house where the connection is strongest. Google wi-fi replaces your single home router with several points giving you a whole new home wi-fi experience.

Google Wi-Fi manages to give you fast wi-fi connectivity in every single room and on every device. Thus, elimination of dead zones, spotty connections is now possible.

Steps to Setup Google Wi-Fi:

  • Install the app
  • Plug in the first wi-fi point: using the provided cables, connect the first wi-fi point to your power and modem.
  • Go Online: Follow up on the instructions in the app.

Insights on where to fix the wi-fi points:

It depends on some factors like Home construction material and type, Home size, placement of wi-fi points, where you regularly use wi-fi. For a small apartment, one Wi-Fi-point will suffice. Two for the medium sized house and three for a large home. The primary wi-fi point will be connected to your modem.

  • Start with the primary point
  • Realize where you want strong Wi-Fi connection in your house. Place the next Google wi-fi point approx. halfway in the said direction.
  • Find the closest electrical outlet and then plug in your Google Wi-Fi point
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Some of the Features are:

  • Super-fast wi-fi connection: Each wi-fi point encountered act as a router for optimal connection by producing strong signals.
  • Full Coverage: Wi-fi point connection with each other is rather seamless, enabling you to add as many points as you desire without hampering the wi-fi speed.
  • Single network: all device: Adopting mesh technology, you can create a single wi-fi network. Stay connected as you move from one room to another.
  • Scroll through the connected devices: You can see which all devices are connected and information like which device is using how much bandwidth is now easy.
  • Prioritize your traffic: Clear the traffic by prioritizing the device for lighting fast speed when really required.
  • Network Assistance: Google wi-fi incorporates Network Assist technology. It does the work of adjusting your router and figuring out the cleanest channel that is optimal for your device.
  • Connect your smart home bulbs: Tune in your light bulbs with your wi-fi system. If you have a guest, they too can do.
  • Control your kid’s access: Google wi-fi incorporates the feature of schedule pause, wherein you can schedule a wi-fi pause on your kid’s device.
  • Stay Connected with your friends: You can find and share the password with your friends at ease. If you wish to establish a separate network for your guests, that too is possible.
  • Travel on least congested path: Google Wi-Fi automatically checks for the least congested channel after every five minutes and swapping if needed.
  • Security: Setting for controlling the cloud management and security feature such as wireless encryption, secure booting, updates to keep the network secure and safe
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Some of the ways you can improve the coverage are:

  • Perform Mesh: Test to see if your Wi-Fi points are reliable and strong enough.
  • Line of sight: Wi-Fi points outperform when they are at line of sight. Reposition the Google wi-fi points and surpass obstacles like doors, walls to enhance the performance.
  • Understand the dependency: Wi-fi points are all interlinked to provide enhanced speed and coverage area. You might be entitled to move altogether a different wi-fi point to fix a particular weak connection.
  • Stay off the grounds: Lifting your devices from the ground can aid in performance

Google wi-fi, available online, is like a home Wi-Fi solution to all your problems. It works closely with your internet provider and modem. Experience the lighting fast speed of your Wi-Fi like never before. You can now download, share and browser easily at the comfort of your room away from your modem. Away, still not away.

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