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Just Tap and search TEXT or Image with Google

From the time Google introduced its smart phone operating systems, they are striving to make them more and more user friendly and helpful. Their goal is to help you cut down on the time you spend on selecting and switching between tasks, just so you can get more information on whatever you are searching in the first place.

The new update in ‘Now on Tap’ is a positive leap in that direction. Up till now, you can hold the home button to get more information about the text on your screen or in your browser. However, this new function will allows you search selectively, which means you can choose to get information on only one phrase or even one word, all this without having to leave the page, as you can just hold the home button and select from the options. Taking it a step further, this feature also allows you to get information on a particular photo or an image of your choice.


Those of you who are using the ‘Now on Tap’ feature for a few months now, will know that some times when you select the more information option, it may not give you the exact information you were looking for. However, with this new addition, it will give you an option to refine your search and find information on the specific text, word or phrase. And you can use it on apps, email, chat and browser.

What is even better about this new feature is the image search. This feature allows you to get more relevant information on any image or photo, in any app or in browser while you are searching. All you need to do is: select the image and use ‘Now on Tap’ through the home button.

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This feature also extends to the camera apps. Now, you can point your camera at any site, poster or magazine photo and get more and relevant information on the image.

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