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Is Google Down? Check Google status in status Dashboard

Is Google down ? Is Gmail Down ? If you are wondering, why your gmail or other google services are not working or having some issues, Check google if it is due to Google outage.

If google face any problem with any of its services. google always keep giving updates on its problem and resolution status to its users through app status dashboard.

App - status dashboard

Google covers all providing services in dashboard.

App status dashboard for services

Dashboard Understanding.

When ever Google has an issue with its service, you will see orange circle in the respective service column for respective date.


And if you see the pink circle over the dashboard, means their is google service outage. No user can able to access that particular service. For example: we have faced whole google outage  in 2013 for some time, no one was able to access any google products. Google-Apps-Status-Dashboard Service outage - Is Google Down

clicking over the orange/pink circle will show you the details of the google issue and the resolution status of the google outage. once you see the green symbol in the status box, means Google outage is over, now you can use your google account service normally.

Google Service outage

So is your google is down, not able to access gmail properly, Go to Google app status dashboard and check if this is a google issue or it’s  something else. If its not a google issue means something is wrong with your account. Please see the discussed cases in Troubleshooting page.

Or if you do not find the solution of your issue please ask your question here and we will get back to you with solution.

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