Is Google Apps for Business worth for a company?

What is Google Apps for Business?

Google Apps for Business is a bundle of Google Apps which can be used for business support online. The Apps in this bundle are Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and Docs for storage. Any small business or start up business can use this effectively since it is affordable. You will need more money to set up an office and software / hardware to support. Google Apps for Business were free when it was started but now this is a paid service. You have Flexible and annual billing. In flexible billing we pay the cost monthly. Google Apps for Business uses the Cloud technology and nowadays that is the most sought out option for small and big scale business.

Why Google Apps for Business worth for company?

It is affordable: You have two plans to choose from; Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Work plus. First plan is available for Rs. 150 per user per month (It was $5 per user per month which is reduced now) and Rs. 1500 per user annually. For Google Apps Work Plus it is $10 per user for a month and $120 per user for a year. For this you are getting the freedom to have your company’s own email, and all other business Apps. In the Plus plan you have Unlimited storage and vault and also can archive all the mails sent. It becomes affordable since you do not have to set up an office and facilities.

Accessibility: All your data, documents or files are stored at the same place and the only thing you need to have is a device and an internet connection. This makes your employees work efficiently.

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Apps at one place: No longer you have to switch browsers or programs to access Google Apps for Business. All the Business Apps are available under on account so you have to just log into your account all the Apps will be ready to use. This increases productivity.

Google Apps For Busines

Personalized email: For any business you need an email address. With Google Apps for Business you get Gmail. As an added feature Google allows you to add your domain to create personalized email IDs that are managed through Gmail. This gives you more professional image online.

Easy to Manage: You need not have IT expert personnel to manage the Apps. Google Apps for Business enables business owner to open and manage different Apps even if he / she is not an IT expert.

Low Maintenance: Since all the data is saved and hosted in Google servers you do not need the up to date software or dedicated servers.

Buying is easy: You do not have to write contracts with service providers or expensive subscription from third party vendors. You have to just pay monthly or yearly fee for availing Google Apps for Business which also just need internet connection.

All the above mentioned features makes Google Apps for Business Ideal for companies having employees travel a lot and also lower budgets.

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