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iOS get an Updated Gmail and Google Calendar

Based on the user feedback, Gmail and Google Calendar apps have been updated on iOS:

Updates in Gmail app:

Gmail app on iOS now have a few very exciting updates, best of all, they are based on user feedback to help make the app faster and sleeker. This is by far the biggest overhaul or updated in almost four years. Basically, it is still the same Gmail, though with a better look, faster speed and a few new features, as listed below:


  • Undo Send

There are times when we send a wrong email by error, or an incomplete email when we are in hurry. Now, you can use the undo command from Gmail as well, just like we can while working on a desktop or laptop.

  • Search options

The updated Gmail app will be able to give you spelling correction suggestions, for when you type a wrong spelling or when you are not sure about the correct spelling.

  • Swipe and send them to archive or delete

Now you can clear away your inbox quickly, by just swiping the email to archive or delete.

Updates in Google Calendar:

The new Google Calendar now has some great new features for iOS users:


  • Month and Week view

Now you can view your month’s or week’s calendar in a new landscape view. It will let you view your schedule at just one glance.

  • Spotlight Search Support

You will now be able to search Google calendar for events and reminders through Apple’s Spotlight Search. This will allow you to find your appointments a lot faster then earlier.

  • Alternate calendar

Google Calendar will now allow you to add an  alternate calendar like Lunar, Hindu or Islamic to look up dates. This can be updated as an addition with your already existing Gregorian calendar.

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These changes come with a promise that they will continue to work on future improvements for these apps.


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