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Inbox by Gmail and Its Features

Gmail from Google is a web-based free search based e-mail service that offers its users gigabytes of message storage. Used around the globe by millions, Gmail automatically organizes related messages into a conversation thread. In a nutshell, Gmail helps you keep things organized and helps you keep track of events, links, and newsletters. Google has released Inbox by Gmail to keep your conversation, schedule events more organised.

inbox by gmail

What is Google Inbox?

So, what is Google inbox? As per Google, Inbox by Gmail app is the future of e-mail. Inbox by Gmail allows you to go beyond e-mail. It allows you to see highlights at a glance, set reminders, snooze events or e-mails, bundle similar messages together, and search important information. The recent features in inbox Google helps you stay organized, access, and get back to information that matters the most.

Features of Inbox by Gmail

In addition to keeping things organized, the Gmail Inbox App lets you group all your favorite links together. With it, you can save all your favorite links to inbox. It let’s you preview subscribed or frequently read e-mail newsletters and go through the articles that you want to read.

By organizing and grouping e-mails that relate to a single event together, it lets you keep up with the calendar events.

The Gmail Inbox App offers features such as highlights, reminders, bundles, snooze, and search. With features such as streamlined events, saved links, and glance able newsletters, you feel more in control.


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The search feature of Gmail Inbox App helps you find whatever you are looking for without going through all your messages. The feature provides streamlines search results with sections such as ‘Quick Answers’ and ‘Top Results.’

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With its highlights feature, you can get the most important information right up front without even opening the message. The reminder feature lets you add reminders to get back on important things. You can even create a to-do list to your inbox.

For people who are often busy, and constantly forgetting to go back to important e-mails, the snooze feature comes to the rescue. With the snooze feature you can snooze e-mails and reminders and come back to them later.

Inbox by gmail

With the bundle feature, you can group similar messages together, so that they are easier to read and easy to dispose off, when required. With this feature, you can bundle similar information such as promotions, purchases, and trips together. Get creative and create your own bundles for anything that you like.

New Features

Google recently added three new capabilities to inbox Google. These new features promise to keep you on top of all events and ensure that you do not miss anything that is important. Following is a quick summary of the new features.

Keep Track of Events

To keep track of events, inbox Google gathers all e-mails from a single event and show you all the updates regarding that particular event. Simply tap on an event to get an overview of all the information for that event.

Inbox by gmail app

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Quickly Review Newsletters

If you reed newsletters often, it become quite challenging to go through them all at once. With the new update, you can preview the newsletters that you often read and quickly go through articles that interest you. Once read, the newsletters or articles get minimized, allowing you to browse through similar categories.

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Save Links For Later

If you are constantly using your mobile inbox to store links to articles or recipes that you wish to go back to a later time, inbox Google has come to your aid. The new ‘Save to Inbox’ feature allows you to easily save the links for later read. To use this feature on your mobile, simply share your link to inbox on iOS or Android. The feature can also be used through the new Inbox by Gmail Chrome extension. So, the next time you check your e-mail, you will see all your saved links grouped together.

Inbox by Gmail is a great tool at solving all your e-mail problems. In addition to being easy on the eyes, it quickly lets you spot e-mails, organize them in bundles, or simply keep track of important events. With killer features such as snooze, bundles, reminder, and search, it lets you stay organized and at top of the game.




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