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Impress everyone with your Google Slides presentations

Google Slides is the presentation application made available by Google for the users. Using this you can create, edit, present and share the presentations with your team members.

Google Slides

Creating an excellent presentation is vital for the business meetings, and you will have to present an attractive proposal in front of your clients. Google Slides will help you in that.

How to create and share Google Slides?

Google Drive has a gallery of templates which is available separately. But this gallery of templates (visit the page will be removed from the Drive very soon.

Google is going to integrate these templates to respective application’s home page. For example, you can get the template for resume in the Google Docs home page. So let us look into how to create a presentation using Google Slides.

  1. Login to using your Google account credentials
  2. In the home page, you can see the templates provided by Google. Select the proper one or you can make your own template.
  3. Craft your presentation using all the shapes and features available in Google Slides. You can add audios, videos, and images to your presentation.
  4. Once you are done with your part of the presentation, you can share it with your team members for more updates.
  5. To share the presentation, invite all the team members by giving their email addresses in the Share option (You can see the share option to the top right corner of your presentation page).

After all the team members are done with the updates, the Slides are ready for presentation. Presentations are crucial for a client meeting or business meeting.

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You can access the Slide using your Google account from anywhere around the world. Once the presentation is ready, you can click on “Present” button and the slideshow will start.

Tips: In current Google Templates you can save customized templates which you create. But once the Templates page is removed you will not get the option to create your own template.

You can still import a theme from your computer but cannot use a customized template for you. You can even download a theme from other presentations. The Google Slides presentation comes with a built-in laser pointer so that you can navigate your audience in presentations. Just make sure that you number your slides so that later it will come handy for tracking your place in the presentation.

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