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How To Change the Reply E-mail Address in gmail

If you manage multiple e-mail inboxes inside a Google account, you might have noticed that it forces you to reply from a default e-mail address even if the message was intended for another e-mail account. As most of us have different e-mail addresses, swapping between different accounts can be quite painful. Also, sometimes it might not be a wise idea to reply with your default e-mail address.

What if you do not want other people to know your default e-mail address or if you want to avoid spam?

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The Gmail send as feature lets you do all that. With Gmail, you can change your default reply  e-mail address. You can send e-mails from multiple accounts without switching. This feature lets you manage multiple accounts from Gmail. It lets a user send e-mails from a different address or alias. When the e-mail is sent on behalf of another account, Gmail treats your send mail address as an alias of your primary address.

Things To Keep In Mind


Changing the reply-to address and send mail as a different account in Gmail is easy, but before you do that you need to keep a few things in mind. First, you need to login to your Gmail account from which you want to change the reply-to e-mail address. Second, you should be the owner of the other e-mail address being added.

How to Change the Reply E-mail Address?

To use this feature, follow these steps. Go to Settings > Accounts and Import. Then, click the link ‘Add another email address you own’ and enter your name and the e-mail address that you want to use. Once done, click ‘Next Step’ and configure the SMTP settings (if required). Then, click ‘Next Step’ and click ‘Verify.’ This step allows a verification e-mail be sent to the other e-mail address. It verifies you as the genuine owner of that address. To verify, either click the verification link received in the other e-mail account or simply copy the verification code and paste it in the verification box provided. Once the e-mail address is verified, the e-mail address gets added to your reply e-mail addresses.

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send mail as or Reply E-mail Address

You can also add multiple e-mail addresses by clicking ‘Edit Info’ that is next to your e-mail. In the dialogue box provided, specify a different reply-to address. Now, enter the address and click ‘Save Changes.’

In future, if you need to edit the name or reply e-mail address simply go back to your account settings. For editing an e-mail address, click ‘Edit’ next to the e-mail address and edit it. For deleting, just click ‘Delete.’

How to Use a Different E-mail Address?

Once the other e-mail address has been added, you are ready to use the send mail as feature. Simply click the down arrow in the ‘From’ field and choose the e-mail address that you want to use.

from field

If you happen to use different e-mail addresses in your Gmail account for work, recreational activities, or private things, you can utilize the Gmail send as feature. It is also helpful for those wanting account privacy and for avoiding spam.


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