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How do I sync my contacts on Android? Turn on your Android Contact Sync

Android Contact Sync

The smartphones make your life so easy since they give so many facilities on the go. The most basic need of a phone or smartphone is to be able to make a call at any time. For that you should have the facility to save the contacts. Before smartphones, the phones came with a little phone memory. When I say a little; it was in MBs. There was another alternative of saving contacts in sim card. But there was a limit of 250 contacts per sim and when you change phones, you won’t have access to the contacts that you saved in the phone. So if your phone is damaged you may not get the time to save them to the new phone.

Later when the smart phones came, you got the option to save the contacts to your email accounts. When you switch on your Android phone for the first it asks you for your Gmail account or gives an option to create a new one. If you are logging in using your existing Gmail account the contacts are downloaded automatically to the device and are shown in the contacts.

Turning on Android Contact Sync

Let us look in to the guidelines to turn on the Android Contact Sync.

  1. Go to the settings from the menu and select the setting “Accounts and Sync”

open google account


  1. Tap on the Gmail account for which you want to turn on the sync option.

enable Sync contact

  1. Turn on the Sync or Select the check box for Contacts Sync.
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By doing this any changes made through device or webpage will be synced.  In some devices you have the option to turn on the “Sync” from the notification bar.

Restoring Contacts to Android Device

At times you may want to restore the contacts to your device after repairing your smartphone or to a new one. Steps are as follows:

  1. First ensure that the “Sync Contacts” option is enabled in your device.
  2. Log into your Gmail account and contacts will be synced automatically.

You may want to import the contact list from another Email ID to your Gmail ID for which you wish to do “Android Contact Sync”. For this first you should have the .CSV file or exported file from the other Email ID and also the “Sync Contacts” should be enabled.

    1. Log into your Gmail account you are using on device from a computer in a browser.contacts
    2. To the top left corner you have the drop down menu saying Gmail. Click on the small inverted triangle and click on “Contacts” option

  1. To left pane click on ‘More’, then select ‘Import’.contacts page
  2. Choose the file from the ‘Import Contacts’ window. Select the CSV or vCard file and click on importimport contacts
  3. After this when you connect your device to internet the contacts get automatically synced.

The above given steps guides us to manage our contacts effectively even when the devices are replaced. Adding to this smartphones gives you the option to save other details of a particular contact such as email ID or alternate phone number.

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