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An In-house Smart Phone by Google – Pixel

Finally, the Google smart phone – Pixel – is here. Its hardware and software are both designed by Google. Some of you may remember the name ‘Pixel’, as Google used it in past, for its consumer hardware products however, this phone is a completely different and separate entity. meet-pixe-made-by-google

Though, Google has partnered with various smart phone makers, over the years and around the globe, to provide you with the best smart phone technology, like Android operating systems, and then there is Nexus, the phone Google has closely been associated with.

Now, Google has taken its involvement with smart phones to the next level, by introducing a completely in-house developed smart phone. Pixel has great specifications, which will make your experience a dream come true. Below are some of its features:

  • Grip – it comes with rounded corners and a carefully sculpted surface, to make it easier to grip and hold
  • Front Display Screen – it is fitted with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on the front display – that mean the front display has the best protection possible for a smart phone.
  • Back – it has a glass to give this phone an aerospace aluminum grade finish body
  • New Pixel Imprint – the back glass also has the fingerprint sensor, which is conveniently placed to ensure your finger can easily find it. This fingerprint sensor can also be used to swipe, so you can access your notifications
  • Battery – this phone has a powerful battery with long sand by and usage time. It can be charged in fifteen minutes and will last for about seven hours
  • Camera – This phone comes with a power camera of 12.3 MP. In fact, it is the highest rated camera in smart phones so far. As a free added feature, you will get an unlimited storage space on Google Photos for videos and photos
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Google Assistant


Pixel comes with built in Google Assistant. This tool is designed to make your life easy. For example, you can order your Google Assistant to give you a brief on traffic or on your calendar for the day or the week; you can even use it for entertainment or to search things online. In other words, you can have a natural conversation with Google, by simply giving commands in your chosen language.

Latest Android

Pixel also comes with the latest version of Android 7.1 Nougat, and being a Google product, they will get the security and software updated, the moment they are available. Also, these updates will install in the background and you will still be able to use the phone while the update is going on.


For now, Pixel is available in 5’’ and 5.5’’ screen sizes with a memory configuration of 32 GB and 128 GB.


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