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Gsuite Gmail gets smart compose feature

Google has already launched smart reply previously,  where google suggest the replies of an email according to user’s last replies. User can simply choose the suitable reply and press send.

Now google has taken the next step by introducing the smart compose. Now google will help user to compose mails. Google will suggest the phrase inline while writing the mail. It will autocompletes your mails intelligently. Now in the initial phase, It will fill the common used phrases and your address like home and office but by the time it will learn from your mails and suggest you the relevant phrases.

Now, this ‘Smart Compose’ feature is default enabled for all G-suite users. Users can easily turn it off whenever they want from general settings.

User can follow the below procedure to Turn On/Off the smart compose feature.

  • Login to Gmail
  • Go to Gmail settings (Gear icon on the right side) Settingsand then Settings.
  • General Settings > Smart Compose.
  • To enable the mail prediction, choose “Write suggestions On”
  • To disable the mail prediction, choose “Write Suggestions Off”
  • Click ‘save changes’ in the bottom.



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