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In Google groups, Google has given many  privileges to the users to manage the group. You can change the basic info of group, you can change the customize the your group web view page, you can control messages in your group and many more. Here in this tutorial we will see Information module of the group settings.


Hello guys, Welcome back to my tutorial on Google apps. In this tutorials i will tell you how you can do further settings on a group console. So lets go  into the group module. I go into a particular group. We will go to access setting this will redirect me to module, then we should be inside access permission. We have already discussed about access permission on my previous tutorial. In this tutorial we will talk about information module or information module settings which are present under a particular group. I go into information> General information. You can change name group name, email id, and you can write anything in the group description, I will write some dummy text as of now. Then you can choose primary language, you can define posting settings like if a person is mailing to the group id like this group has particular ID group id.

If a person is mailing to the group Id then it will be posted on the groups and you can also define. If a person is posting in the group console then it will be posted to the group, so you can check these options. These are already checked.You should check this option as this give some extra liberty for the users to send mails to the groups directly rather than clocked up inside the module. Then i will save the changes here, so the information has been saved i changed the group id, group name and description here. You can change other parameters if you like.Then i will go to directory. This is an important option, like there are some departments in your organisation or some groups who may want to stay as a secret group like some particular members of the group should be able to see the group and others will not be able to see. So listing the groups in the directory will make the group appear in the search box, when ever you type the name of the group.Suppose i go to the module. so these are list of groups which are here. these are my groups as in this particular user is a members of these groups. Suppose you want to search other group. you can search the groups here and you can browse all and get the groups which are in this domain. There are no other groups in this domain. So if you tick this option you can see this group is listed in the directory i e group directory, and if you un-check this it will not be found by anyone and if you save it. it will be remain as a secret group as you can say.

You see Google has a very descriptive information about this particular option”Listing a group in the directory will make it easier for people to find your group. When listed in the directory your group’s name, email and description will be visible and searchable” this is what i explained just now. Then you go to content control, here you can archive messages or you can track orphaned post. Orphaned post are post which are posted into the group and not answered till a particular amount of time.Suppose i define here 10 hrs. if a post here unanswered for 10 hours then it will be treated as an orphaned post. Answered as in it may be a mail reply or may be a groups module reply but it should be replied or answered. So i will not save this. You can save this if you want.Next i will go to web view customization, now this is the part where you want to define how your group should be displayed like display best answers before other replies. In groups, forums you generally find that some people can vote a particular answer and make it as particular answer. If the particular answer is voted a number of times then it is treated as  best answer. So if you choose it this feature will be activated for this group. Then you can also group different mails into thread based on the subjects like. If i post Hi to the group, Hi as a subject. and if someone else also post something…related post and its subject is Hi, then both the mails should be there as in a particular thread.Like if you click on mail, 2 different mails will open like a thread.You must have seen these threads in your mails also in gmail or any other mailing system you used. Now you can define the subject length to be 250 character. It should be in the range of 80-250 characters .you can see the subject length in the group console and you can determine its length there  Now i click on save . we go to the advanced option.Here we have disable the group like , your group will be there but you will not be able to post anything, you will not to able to carry any functionality that the group has, so if you click this option your group will be disabled. Then there is a delete group option. Deleting group will remove your group permanently from Google and you will not be able to find, you will not be able to post any messages rather you can say group will be completely removed from Google. Then you can also reset group like you can choose group type.

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Actually there are 4 types of groups Email List, Web forum, Q&A forum and collaborative inbox. You can choose the type and you can see there is a message pops-up here. It is the description of what this type is, like ‘An email list allows users to post from the web or through email. This is a mailing list group’. SO basically groups can be used as a email list also. Then it can be a web forum , it can be a Q & A forum. Q & A forum will be is like you ask a question and others can reply to it.There are many Q&A forums around, you can note about it like yahoo answers and others. Then there is an option of collaborative inbox. Collaborative inbox is like you post a topic and assign it to someone and that person will be able to answer that particular topic or question. So these are basic thing, you can read from here and choose according to your requirements. So here if you reset this group then..Also resetting the groups will not only change the group type but it will remove the permissions, roles and all other settings which has been defined in the group. So all the settings will be reset to default settings. And you will be able to see a new group like when it was created, how the group was, How the behavior of group was, you should see the same behavior again. Thank you for watching my tutorial. If you like the tutorial, you can share and like the video else you can also comment and ask different question related to google services and about this video. Thank you

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Descriptive Explanation:

As videos are best way to learn/understand anything, But still you are little confused then please follow the below steps provided with screenshot:

For updating settings or info of group, you need to open the Groups console from admin dashboard.

Admin console

After going to groups console will see the list of groups exists in your domain.create group

Open the group profile by clicking on group name. and click on Access settings tab.this will redirect you to groups settings page of that particular group.


In this page we will discuss about Information module of group settings.

Information module


In this module we can see the 5 options:

General information: Here you can update the basic info of the groups like group name, group email address, group description, group language…..etc. After opening the page do the changes and click save.

Directory: This is the option to list the group in the Google directory. If you tick this option and save it, it(group) will appear while searching the group name in the search bar on group console page. And if you un checked it then the group will be hidden. No one can see it except the group members. So do the changes as per requirement and click Directory

Content Control: Here in this option you can track messages posted in the group. Here you can archive your group messages and you can track orphaned.Orphaned post are post which are posted into the group and not answered till a particular amount of time.Suppose i define here 10 hrs. if a post here unanswered for 10 hours then it will be treated as an orphaned post.


Content control


Web view customization: Here you can manage your group visibility to the users. You can opt for showing the best answer first to the users. You can set the messages to be posted as threads for the same subject. You can limit the subject length for posting the messages in group. So After do the changes as per your requirement, click save.

Web view customisation

Advanced: In this section you can disable the group means your group user will not be able to use this groups un-till you again activate it. You can permanently delete the group and you can change the type of the group. You can see, there are 4 types of group

Mailing list

Web forum

Q & A forum

Collaborative index

For every type the description will pop-up when you select the option. So do the changes and click on save.

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