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Group Basic and Posting Permissions

You can limit the posting permission in your group. You can make group public also, if you are planning to make a forum with outside your domain. And you can do many more thing with the group posting permission. You can moderate the messages posted by users before posting in the groups.


Hello guys, Welcome to my tutorial on Google apps. In this tutorial we will talk about further group settings which we can do in our created groups. I go to the groups module then go to a particular group by clicking on it. Again as in the last tutorial we go to the access settings of that particular group. It will redirect us to the access settings page and access permission page and then we will talk about basic permission in this tutorial. So as i had previously told Google is very user friendly and you can actually see what these particular options means, so view topics, post, join the groups ..these are the various settings in basic permissions. You can give permissions to managers, members and other organisational members according to your preferences. View topics is like whenever someone creates a thread, there will be a subject or topic so you can give permissions to everyone or anyone you to view the topics in particular group. Then posting is like if someone trying to post something to the group, it may not be allowed to anyone you can set that here. Generally posting can be public if you like your groups to be visited and the various answers to the questions to be given by others. So here these are options are set. i can modulate them, i can change them or i can make them public, public means everyone. So every option is ticked now. Then joining the group, You can restrict joining the group for others. You can select who can join the organisation, ‘Anyone on the organisation can ask ‘ is selected means every time when someone tries to join the group, they will have to send the request to you and then you can moderate it and you can approve or reject it if you like. Then if you allow members external to the organisation like external to this domain, then they can also join this group, check this option if you want. And new member question is when someone tries to join the group then this question will be shown in the sign-up page. This is like a welcome mail or you can ask like why someone is trying to join the group. and they can refitting answer. Then you can save these option. Then i will talk about posting permission. Here also you can see assign topic, attach files.. these are some basic things which are present in google groups or which you can set it according to your own preferences. Then users can have custom profile photos in the group. Mark favorite reply on your own topic, there can be me too topics or posting permissions to the forum, also there are post announcement, post as a group. Generally these option is important because not everyone should be allow to post like whenever you are giving a reply, then the user will be allowed to use the group name and post, this should be restricted to owners of the group. If you want managers are also can be included, but as per preferences set by others i don’t think all members of the groups should be ticked here because all members should not have the privilege to post as group. Then reply to author, users can reply privately to the author of the topic of particular thread it means, Reply to auto-closed topic, users can reply on topic which has been automatically closed. So whenever a user reply to it. It will be automatically opens for discussion for further discussion. Then Use canned responses.. Canned responses are responses which can be stored by you like you can have a set of text which you use frequently and regularly on the forum, so every-time you use the text you can just tick the option and you can use it. You will not have to write it over and over again. So this thing is very helpful to many people who are present in the group. You can also give this privilege to only owners or the managers. So basically these permission are generally moderated by owners and managers. They has access to manage these settings and they can modulate whatever option they want and save it. So in the next tutorial we will talk about further permission settings of groups. IF you have any questions regarding this tutorials, you can always post comments and we will give a prompt reply. Do not forget to like and subscribe. Thank You.

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Descriptive Explanation:

As videos are best way to learn/understand anything, But still you are little confused then please follow the below steps provided with screenshot:

For updating settings or info of group, you need to open the Groups console from admin dashboard.

Admin console

After going to groups console will see the list of groups exists in your domain.create group

Open the group profile by clicking on group name. and click on Access settings tab.this will redirect you to groups settings page of that particular group. Here we will see the basic permissions and posting permission settings.

basic permissions

Here In Basic Permission, You can see the options View topics, Post, Join the group..etc. We will look over all options one by one.

View topics: View topic is an option where you can select who can see the posts and topics of your group.

Post: Here you can select who can post the messages into the group.

Join the group: You can restrict users to join the group. Here you can choose who can join/ ask for join the group.

Allow members external to this organisation: IF you tick the check box means you are allowing the users outside your domain to join your group.

New Member question: Here you can write a message which will be shown to users when any user try to join the group.

After selecting the appropriate users from drop-down for the respective options, click on SAVE.

Now we will see about posting permissions page:

posting permissions

Here you see many options are there related to the posting messages on group. We will discuss some of the important options here.

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Assign topic: Here you an select who can assign topic(any particular subject) to another user in the forum.

Attach files: You can select who can attach files with the post in the forum.

Me too topic: This is option where user can mark me too question to any question if he has the same doubt or same question to ask in post.

Posting permission 2

Post announcement: You can select the users who can announce or post the important news in the forum.

Post As a group: In this option you can restrict who can use the group ID to post replies/messages in the forum.

After choosing the correct options click on SAVE.

As you can see google is very user friendly. For every option details are written besides the drop down but if you still not under stand anything please ask in comment, we will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you

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