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You don’t need to go to add page of groups to add the members, you can directly add in the groups profile, If you have to change the nay details of group you can change the details from groups profile page and you can set the access permission of the any group of your domain.


Hello guys,
Welcome to my tutorial on Google apps. In this tutorial i will show you how you can add users in to the group directly without going in to the groups console or the groups module of that particular group. So i go into Groups. I go to that particular group and you can see there is a option here to add users to the group, here you can add any user that is present in your admin console. So this is a user and you have to choose member or owner role for the user. You can also set managers role for the user but that will be set in groups console or And when you will go to this particular group setting, that i will show you in my upcoming tutorial. Here i am not adding this user but to let you know you can define email address of user and you can click on add to add the user. Then how you can change group info of a group. If you have mistakenly added a group name that is not required for you or i did a mistake here, i can correct it. I can change the group name here, and you can also change the group email provided you have not used this email anywhere in Google apps before. If you have not used, suppose i will choose into which i have not used yet and i will save group info. You see the group email id is changed now. Similarly there is another option how you can delete the group, if i press on delete, it will ask for confirmation and if you click on yes delete the group, it will delete the. This is to let you know about the options which is very user friendly and You can browse yourself and check. But still i will go into each and every option i will try to cover in our tutorial. Lets see about access setting so this is the groups console that i was talking about. You go to so this will be the link. Th se are the access permission, it is very readable like you can read and you can understand what a settings you have to set according to your needs. Here its mentioned Contact the owner of group, who can contact the owners of this group.You can choose all members can contact, all members and manager can contact. So i have set this option. Who can view member. I will allow only members and mangers to view the members of this group. View member email addresses who can view the email addresses, if click all organisational members then everyone in the organisation or in the domain all users can view the email addresses. Now View topics… Topics are threads which are posted by users in the groups module i will show you, what topics are exactly. When you go to a groups console you see this is a type of forum, where you can post topics, so no topics are available in this group. You can create a new topic here and you can define subject, content and click on post it will be posted in groups module. I will talk about this in my next tutorials, for now i showed you what a topic is. So who can view the topics, I will set that to all organisational members and owners. I will click on save. So these setting or these permissions, access permissions have been set for HR dept group. I went to this module by clicking access settings or you can directly go to¬†or you can go to settings- group settings and it will show all the group setting which i will talk in detail, but the access permissions are available here, which we already set in this tutorial.

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Thank you for watching my tutorial. Follow up for other permissions settings and every settings on group modules basically in our next tutorials.

Descriptive Explanation:

As videos are best way to learn/understand anything, But still you are little confused then please follow the below steps provided with screenshot:

For updating settings or info of group, you need to open the Groups console from admin dashboard.

Admin console

After going to groups console will see the list of groups exists in your domain.create group

Now you can see the group in the group list (In group console page).Open the group profile by clicking group name from the list.For adding members click on the icon (middle) present in upper right corner of the group profile.

Group Profile

After clicking pop-up window will open .Fill the user id to whom you want to add in group, then select the role for user from drop-down and click on ADD.

ADd user directly

And For Changing the group Info(including name, ID and description) Hit on the last icon present in the group profile page.

Group Profile

Clicking on that last icon will open a pop-up where you can update your new details and click on SAVE GROUP INFO.
Save grup info

For Deleting the group click on the 1st icon in the group profile.

Group Profile

After clicking on the group icon you will get a pop-up window for confirmation. Click YES, Delete the group. It will delete the group.

Delete grup

For setting up the access permission of the group click on the Access settings tab in the group profile.

Groups profile

This will redirect you to manage setting page of the group. There you can see the various options to set permissions like View Topics, view members, View members with address.Choose the options from drop-down as per your organization policies and click on save.

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Group Access settings

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