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Google wants to assert its control over its Smart Phones: Launching Pixel, Scraping Nexus

Google is planning to go the Apple route with their smart phone’s division. Currently they have trusted and long standing brand in the form of Nexus. However, they are planning to come up with a new brand name for their upcoming smart phones. It is rumored that this decision is based on Google’s wish to make its phones internally, for the first time.


There are even talks that the brand name Nexus will be completely scraped in favor of a new brand name called Pixel and Pixel XL. The model will be quite similar to what Google uses with their Chromebook and tablets.

Rumors suggest that Google will provide a number of advanced and new software with the new phones. It is even said that they might try the VR platform on these new phones at some later date.

Google is likely to go out full tilt to establish Pixel and Pixel XL, as a new and improved smart phone brand. With Google having access to most of the android based apps and new software, it shouldn’t be difficult to make this happen, too.

Specs of this new phone are great to begin with:

  • They are planning to power it with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor
  • Possibly a 32 GB in phone storage
  • The latest Android, of course, 7.0 Nougat
  • A strong battery, possibly in 3,450 mAh range
  • Powerful and clear cameras of 13MP and 8 MP
  • Strong processor will be supported by 4GB RAM
  • The screen is likely to have a strong resolution as well – 2560X1440
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The important question going through everyone mind is: why Google would make such a drastic change, that so with an established brand. The answer could be the control of its own products. Nexus brand phones were created and manufactured by HTC leaving Google with limited options, in development and change section. However, this new smart phone brand name will give them complete control over the brand, the revenues and the RnD.

Difference in Design

Google is planning to distance itself from the old HTC smart phone, by redesigning the new models. This will also be in line with Google’s approach, in past, towards new products, as they normally like to create an individual identity. Also given the size of the company, Google is in a position to invest in creating infrastructure along with the required hardware and software to create an in-house brand.

Most market experts believe that there is no immediate need to change or stop Nexus, as it is doing very good and has a great consumer response. Though, this move is also linked to the rumors that some of the bigger smart phone brands are looking for options outside Android OS.

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