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Google Trip: Your personalised tour guide

Has it been really long since you have been off for a vacation? Want to have a hustle free trip? Well, Google Trip is now your personalized tour guide and aides in making memories.

Insights on how to use the Google Trips.

  • Download: The app is available for Android as well as iOS users. One must have a Gmail account to set up this app.
  • Create your first trip: Seek the destination you wish to travel. Enter the dates of commencement and end of the tour. If you wish to hit several cities, you can pile them up and add them too.
  • Existing/New trip information: If the app already has enough of your data, it will display it to you. You can alter the existing one; you need not create a new trip guide.

Features of Google Trip:

  • Reservations: Displays your car rental, flights and hotel information which apparently, it accumulates from your Gmail account. In case you have done the booking through other accounts, you need to forward the info to your Gmail account else it will not show up. A thing to note is you program your reservation through this app. It merely shows you the reservations which have already been enrolled by you.
  • Things to Do: Destination recommendations is the motive. You can hit the star icon if anything interest you and will get stacked in your Saved Places,
  • Food and Drinks: Gives a synopsis of the vicinities specialty and suggest eatery based on categories like the cocktail specialist, sea-view.
  • Day Plan: Matches your interest coinciding with the destination, and suggest places explore for the day.
  • Getting Around: Helps you in moving around by depicting the transportation means and fares.
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Advantages of Google Trip

  • Save on your data: Google trips permits you to download each trip on your cell phone. Access to this information is permissible even if you are not connected to the Internet or to any cellular services. Isn’t this a relief if you are at a remote location?
  • Free: There are no monetary charges print here for using the app.
  • Customizable: The suggested Day Plan will always have something for you that interest you. You can even customize the plan suggested by altering the stops.
  • Wi-Fi or cellular data: Employing the app with cellular data or Wi-Fi have a few additional perks. The app is capable enough to prompt for some indoor activities in case of a catastrophe like bad weather. Notifies you whether a place is currently functioning or closed in real time.
  • Down the Memory Lane: You can see some of your previous trips that you took off because it has already managed to scroll out your information from your Gmail account. It knows which hotel you were residing, means of travel and booking done from which store. You can have a quick scan if you decide to hit the same place

So, plan your trip using Google Trip. Get ready to explore the magic.

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