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Google Tips- Best tips for all Google products

Do more with Google is the motto of Google. And they are liberal with tips for all sectors. Here are few of the tips

Why not start the day with a workout? You can now hook up to your music on your favourite apps. You can read books with the self-translating feature. The screen reader can edit your documents. Scheduling is the most helpful tip – right from the meetings and to the soccer. Shedding unwanted software and apps is a good spring cleaning. Multitasking now comes handy.

Google Tips

On the technology front, you can invent a hacker-proof password. And what a fun moving with your friends on a holiday or watching you tube. The usual mistake of nor retrieving all data from the old smart phone should be given priority. In the worst scenario of losing the phone, initiate location phone facility for Android. You have to ensure that the lock for phone and SIM are securely installed. Beware of hackers always from your accounts to personal data to pictures

The saving of documents shall have to be done meticulously. The opening of apps in flash is trendy. Utilise Google doodle more for birthday reminders. It is always better to have the weather app updated to make outings and travel hassle free. The Google document is a good habit to adopt. You can bang more on Chromecast thus avoiding over-dependence on Wi-Fi. It is better if cookie crumbs do not leave a trail. The usage of phone primarily for voice would avoid frequent crashing of the device.

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Google Tip

The saving of documents could be streamlined so as to make the retrieval fast. With technological advances, you can operate the phone by voice control. You may have to avoid losing of contacts. The lock you install should be easy to remember, and difficult to hack. The very private date and financial transaction date has to be under lock and key. It is advisable to open suspected emails, extension and links. You may use cloud computing to safeguard data as well as to ease your storage. Computer aided design manufacturing; translation architecture is available to save

With a bit of caution and innovations, you can make your gadgets safe and functional.

The ‘to-do lists’ as well as well as  ‘do it yourself’ projects should be available at any point of time. The privacy protection is of paramount concern for the data. You can have sharing systems for your photos, documents and data to only intended users.


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