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Flaunt your dresses in style using Google ‘Style ideas

While shopping online, we are always sceptical whether the product will suite or no. Sometimes, people don’t even understand how the dresses are supposed to be worn. Google, the tech giant has again come up with a brilliant idea to enlighten people about concepts of fashion. Google has planned to offer precisely more organic and varied ideas rather than a string of websites that match your search terms. To put this concept into practice, google has come up with image search for end users persuading fashion merchandise.

Google’s new style ideas is now accessible through mobile browsers and Google Android app. If you are seeking to buy a handbag, wouldn’t it be amazing if someone would prompt you on what it can be worn? That’s exactly what the app is capable of. When you select a particular bag, you can now see how a pair of jeans integrated with those high heels would look like in real life. You need not go through an array of websites to find the matching jeans for your bag or shoes. Google has tried to showcase all in one place. The aim is to convey to people that other than portraying Google only as an excellent search engine, one can think of google as a fashion fiesta for shopping as well.

As added perks, Google has also rolled out another feature called Similar Items. Currently encompassing only lifestyle and fashion related apparel products, it imparts advice on other collateral products that may suite your taste.

Google is all set to offer you inspirational outfits and various lifestyle images. So, if you have confusion about style concepts, try the Google’s Style idea and see what your apparels will look like in real life before shelling out.

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