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Google+ is a social network for google users. where all google users can build relationship with other google users depending on their interest social activities. Users can share information


Lets know bit more about Google+.

Google+ is a social network site of google which automatically get created when a user register for any google service like gmail, google drive etc. User can go to his google+ profile by

  1. Clicking on G+ symbol in App launcher in gmail page.
  2. By typing in the URL bar

Google+ home page

In the home page you can see the other people’s post. which is either publicly shared or shared with you.

In the top section, you can see a composer, here you can also share your status, any information with photos and videos which you want to share with other people, your friends.


Now coming to the next section- in the home page you can see below options in left hand side, which we will discuss one by one

Home: We have already seen Home page, here we see the post shared by the friends and other google users.





Collection is like a page, which any user can create a collection  and other users can join who share the same interest. The owner of the collection can share a post the videos, photos, messages and other users who joined as followers will get notification for the post. You can also search for any interested  topic and follow the activities and information of that topic.



Communities is like a group where user can post the messages, photos, videos and restrict the access of the post to the members of the group. You can also join communities by clicking join in the particular communities.

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Profile: When google create a google+ profile for a user while registering for gmail, it sets all default profile details. which user can update by going to this option. User can update their profile picture, name, cover pic, tagline etc.

Edit profile

People: Here you can see all your friends in your google+ profile and you will see suggestions for adding friends



Settings: In this page user can set sharing settings of their posts, photos and videos, and too many more settings. Just go to this page and update all settings as per your requirements.


Help: Here you can see google support documentation for google+

Google+ Help


And yes we are using google+ with New UI but if you like the previous UI then you can convert back this to classic Google+ by clicking the on the ‘Back to classic G+’ on the left bottom side of google+  page.


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