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Google Sites newly added features.

We have already discussed the Google new site release last year and now Google is adding new features every day. We have already seen the features like mapping your google site with custom domain URLs, section layouts, new buttons, and Google+ streams.

Today we are going to discuss some new features rolled out with the new Google sites. 

Table of contents:

Table of content is very helpful for end users as well as the authors. It helps the author/owner to organize the data properly in the site and for end users, it gives an overview of the site to the user and the user can plan to proceed accordingly. 

 As we have discussed earlier that new sites are very easy to create, you can just drag and drop the respective tiles. Similarly, editors can easily put this table of content on the page and it will list all heading and subheadings of the page in the table.

To add TOC, Drag and drop the table of content tile from the right sidebar to the page.

If the editor changes/updates the page with the new content, Table of contents will get updated automatically.  Table of contents follow the indentation of the headings, subheadings as per their hierarchy, but if editors want to remove the indentations, he can simply click Flatten and TOC will remove the indentations. To re-enable the indentation, he can simply click Indent.

Copy a site:

Google has also added this feature some time back in the new sites. Sometimes we face the situation where we have to create a new site but we don’t want to work from scratch. We can copy a site and then reduce the duplicate work and time taken on migrating those content manually. 

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Also, this can be used in a situation where you want to use a site as a base site. So you can save a site as a template and then copy this template while creating the new site.

You can also copy larger sites now, Google has increased the Google sites size recently

  • Google New Sites: Up to 200,000 characters per page, 10,000 images per site, and up to 1,000 pages (max 10 million characters).

Insert image Carousals in the site:

Google has introduced this new feature to include the image carousals for editors. Now users can easily share images in the carousals in a site page like images of an picnic event.

User can follow the below steps to insert the image carousals

  • Choose insert > Image carousals from the right side bar menu.
  • Add the images you want to add, choose from already uploaded images or upload new images.
  • Arrange the images by dragging the images
  • Hover over the images to delete or adding the alt.

To edit the carousal, click on the Gear icon on the left right top of the carousal.

  • Auto Start: Carousals images will start cycle automatically.
  • Show Dots: It shows the progress of the carousal cycle.


These features are already launched with the Google new sites. Please check these awesome features and let us know your thoughts in comments section.

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