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Google Play and Android are making progress on enterprise capabilities

Android for Work, that helps people in increasing their productivity and makes them more efficient by connecting organizations, has been around for about two years, now. It allows you to manage any android device with the help of a set of APIs, directly built in to Google Play and Android.

This is how Android for Work provides a consistent way of managing all your android devices, that so without any actual hassle, or compromising data security.

Now, Android is focused on security while increasing enterprise support. To be able to protect enterprise data and your personal information, Android uses a unique storing method, which means, it saves personal and work data separately, even on your personal devices.

A file based encryption was recently added, that allows you to keep a different password for your work related apps. This was possible with the help of Nougat. It is also part of a multilayered security protocol that now comes with Android for Work.

This development in Android has also encouraged partners to come up with new cases for customers, since it is an open platform. This is one of the reasons why a wide range of purpose-built devices are now powered by Android for some of the leading manufactures, that helps their employees innovate new work dynamics.

The power of Android

With these new innovations and investments in the development of Android, it has become the world’s most used enterprise Smart Phone; some figures place it at, as high as 62%. Now, enterprise capabilities will become a part of Android and Google Play, and will be referred as the same. This step will enable to match the progress of enterprise support in Android.

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Android for Work and Play for Work are now a core part of Google Play and Android, since now it provides platform level support for every GSM enterprise capable device. This shows how committed Android is to enterprise mobility.

This is only a beginning

With Android and its innovative new ideas, we are just starting to see changes in the way business is done, and how it can benefit from the revolutionary mobility technology.

Since, Android always rely on its ecological partners for feedback on its platforms, and to strengthen this bond they are hosting an Android Enterprise Partner Summit this January, in their London office for all their Android partners. If you are interested in attending then you can apply for the same online.



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